motor or sail?

That's the top-line choice. Do you prefer the reassuring thump of powerful diesels, or the slap of billowing canvas against wooden masts?  Motor yachts generally cost a bit more but they don't lean over. Sailing yachts use free fuel from the four winds.  A motor sailer does both and for the motion-conscious there are alternative eclectic boats on river, lake or canal.

All offer wonderful service, professional crew and downright luxury. We'll guide...

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sail yachts

Cream canvas and the tang of salt spray combine with virtual silence and the thrill of a powerful vessel heeling to the breeze. A single hull vessel is more traditional but in some parts of the world, notably the Caribbean and the islands of the Indian Ocean, a shallower drafted multi-hull yacht could be a preferable option.

For families, the stable motion of a twin hull catamaran may suit better and these wide vessels offer vast sun and shade deck space for the length.

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motor sailer yachts

For many these represent the best of both worlds. The power of the wind backed by the barely perceptible throb of twin diesels ensure timely arrival.

The East Med specializes in these comforting hybrids. Sail when the wind blows favourably or motor when the weather is more capricious. Often stabilized, they suit families well and offer the space of a motor yacht combined with the romance of sail. There are motor sailers and there are Turkish gulets - we will advise...

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motor yachts

The reassuring rumble of diesel engines and a disregard for capricious winds means that for many a motor yacht is the right option.  Bear in mind that in high summer the Riviera ports are as crowded as a saturday Waitrose car park and finding a stern-to berth might mean more steaming - and more fuel - than you had bargained for.

For the would-be oligarch, these are the vessels of choice ...and your G&T is almost guranteed not to spill.

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A wind powered Dehabaya floating serenely up the Nile; a converted grain barge pootling along the Canal du Midi or a bamboo-sheltered sampan gliding down the Mekong.

Watch Canadian grizzlies fish for their lunch from a former WWII munitions ship or hippo-spot on the deck of a luxurious cruiser on Lake Kariba.

Play pirate on a schooner in the South Seas or sleep on the deck of a dhow beneath the star-studded firmament of the Indian Ocean. Now that's eclectic....

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