A new approach to yacht charter

The Yacht House was established by Michael Fenton, former owner of the luxury cruise vessel Hebridean Princess. Our goal is to offer owners a new and untapped market of charterers by opening up the closed world of yachting to a wider audience.

We market directly to prospective charterers and to specialist agents whose clients habitually spend significant sums on land based holidays but who have never contemplated a yacht holiday.

As  result, we can access an enormous client base,many times the size of the traditional yacht charter market. This means we find new charterers for the owner who is prepared to offer his vessels on a slightly different, but no less secure, all-inclusive basis, potentially extending his charter season and increasing his income.

The service we provide to clients and owners is peerless and is entirely driven by our perception of fairness and performance-related reward.  For example we do not insist on commissions being paid even when charters are cancelled. We use a specially developed charter document that is easy for the client to understand without putting the owner at any greater risk. We present the owner's vessel in a manner that is familiar to the client and which allows him to achieve his ultimate goal - that of a memorable, predictably priced, hassle-free holiday.

If you would like to talk about our innovative approach to yacht charter, please call or email us.

The Yacht House can find new business for your vessel which is outside the client base of the traditional yacht broker. Based on our results in obtaining additional charter and the service levels on which we will never compromise,  we have recently been approached to act as charter agent for a number of yachts which we are undertaking on a non-contracted, informal basis, entirely results based.

If you would like to talk to us about marketing and charter-managing your vessel, please get in touch.

+44 1981 200 270 or michael.fenton@theyachthouse.com

A few interesting numbers:

There are approximately 4000 yachts of 30m+ worldwide of which around 2000 are interested in charter. Based on the experience of other areas of the luxury leisure market, there is a practical, achievable seasonal charter window of around 22 weeks per annum for northern hemisphere yachts.

This equates to 44,000 yacht/ weeks potentially available. Research with the major MYBA yacht brokers concludes that between 6,000 and 7,000 charters are agreed annually. On the assumption that the average charter is 10 nights, this equates to around 9,300 charter weeks or 21% utilisation.

Whilst few owners acquire yachts as a business, low utilisation impacts on the economics justifying retention of their yacht.

Typically a yacht owner will require around 7-10 weeks charter per annum to break-even on his seasonal operating costs. On the average utilisation numbers he would expect to see about  5 weeks. Many see less.

It is the stated goal of The Yacht House to change this.

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