To travel well is better than to arrive

The destination is, in many ways, not the point. Freedom and independence, privacy and indulgence are what really make a holiday. As long as the weather is kind and the crew attentive, it matters little where you go. After all a boat is your own island villa. Below we introduce you to some fabulous areas to charter a yacht for your next luxury holiday.

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YoHoHo - and a bottle of rum

The Caribbean - the name conjures up a heady mix of brilliant colours, flashing smiles, rum punch and a way of life so laid-back as to be horizontal. A necklace of islands strung out from Cuba to Trinidad with a plethora of cultures reflecting the diverse influences of past colonial masters. And islands are by definition difficult to explore unless on a boat, making these ideal cruising grounds to chill and relax.

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indian ocean

Keeping up with the Dhow Jones

Is there anywhere more romantic than the Indian Ocean? Images of a star-studded firmament, dhows with billowing sails driven by trade winds. People with a seductively relaxed life yet surprising efficiency, delivered with the friendliness born of certainty that they are among God's most blessed. Beautiful palm-fringed islands, perfect coral atolls where exclusive private resorts sit shoulder to shoulder with empty beaches.

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east mediterranean

In the footsteps of the conquerors

One sea, two distinct regions.  A millenium of foreign influence makes the eastern Mediterranean a fascinating place to explore. Ancient Greece gives way to sophisticated Byzantium and everywhere a Venetian architectural legacy. Add Phoenecian and Roman invasion and discover a kaleidoscope of culture against a backdrop of beautiful islands, rugged coasts and a comforting absence of tourists. And only three hours from London

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west mediterranean

Boutiques, Beaches and Bouillabaisse

Ah! The Riviera - picturesque ports, rocky coves, salade niçoise and a chilled bottle of rosé. Mix with undeniable glamour and sophistication and the perennial attraction of the Côte d'Azur is clear. But that's not all. Beautiful Balearic isles, the heady maquis scent of Corsica, remote clifttop villages of the Cinque Terra - perfect cruising grounds to combine relaxation with refinement.

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north america

Land of the Free

Three thousand miles between coasts means huge varieties of climate and culture. From cooly sophisticated Maine the fascinating Intra-Coastal waterway winds south to self-indulgent Florida. Whale-watching in the Sea of Cortez contrasts with the hot water inlets and wall-to-wall grizzly bears of the rugged Canadian west. Everywhere an infectious enthusiasm for life makes exploring the North Americas a joy. Just don't try to do too much. And have a nice day.

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south east asia

Following the SE Trades

Understand why Conrad wrote his tales of the South Seas. Land of spices and irridescent fabrics, lush jungle and pearly-white sands and everywhere smiling peoples keen to please. 800 unpopulated islands lie off Burma yet close by are Thailand's sensual beaches. Spreading east from romantic Bali, the Indonesian archipelago - komodo dragons, active volcanoes and spectacular sunsets. Or Borneo - empty of tourists and endlessly fascinating.

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rivers, lakes & canals

Still waters run deep

Holidaying afloat is not all salt-spray and spilled gin. Lakes, rivers and canals provide the perfect calm water backdrop to exploring hidden Europe. Seven days covering a few miles on a French canal can be the therapeutic equivalent of a global circumnavigation. Hippo-spotting on Lake Kariba is not the exclusive preserve of the large safari camp. Or discover your own Marc-Anthony on a private dehabaya gliding serenely down the Nile

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