Komodo Islands

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The Indonesian archipelago is one of the world’s dream destinations – almost completely untouched by a tourism that we would recognize.

With little or no infrastructure, exploring this region is either for the intrepid - who relish a challenge and have time to spare - or for the smart who appreciate that travelling by boat is the only way to see, experience and enjoy the islands without the frustrations of unfamiliar culture and language and the vagaries of regional transport.

Tiger Blue is one of the unsusual vessels that ply these waters; a wonderful take on a local phinisi – all the modern conveniences of a newly built, cleverly thought-out yacht but constructed by a local master boat-builder to a traditional design. The creak of timber spars, the slap of the water on the hull is something that cannot be replicated except on a wooden vessel and she is designed for exploring the fabulous eastern Indonesian islands.

All itineraries are tailored individually to the guests’ requirements but the following illustrates some of the variety of culture that can be enjoyed.


Day 1

After an overnight flight to Bali, transfer to a local airline to Bima on Sumbawa. A crewmember will meet and transfer guests to the yacht. After a short safety briefing, she sails for a quiet anchorage and an opportunity to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and the vessel’s water toys – wakeboarding and waterskiing. A late afternoon sail takes her to Pulau Banta, dinner on deck and a first night afloat.

Day 2

A short sail after breakfast to a bay on the north side of Banta Island. Ashore by tender – or in the kayaks – for a wander on the beach. For the dedicated water-sportsmen, there is the chance to scuba dive whilst the tender takes the youngsters on a wakeboarding expedition. The shore party can hike up the nearby hills for some fabulous views of the coast and the vessel at anchor. The evening means a spot of beachcombing and a driftwood bonfire on the beach before a tender ride back to the vessel on a slate black phosphorescence-lit sea.

Day 3

An early morning start for the Komodo Islands and the delightful Gili Lawa Laut to the north. Crystal Rock and Castle rock are terrific dive spots and the islet affords some wonderfully Robinson-Crusoe opportunities to explore this small piece of paradise. The fishing here is legendary – the main interest is the “GT” or Giant Trevally, known for its endurance and fighting power. Examples can grow to 1.7m and weigh 60kg – great sport for the enthusiast.  A night at anchor with cocktails accompanying one of the spectacular sunsets typical of the region.

Day 4

Over breakfast the yacht sails for Komodo and the national park. This UNESCO World Heritage site of close to 2000 square kilometres is home to the extraordinary Komodo dragon and species of tropical animals unique to these islands. The park includes huge protected offshore areas with more than a thousand species of fish and marine mammals including dugong, shark and whales, manta rays and sea-turtles.

Day 5

The morning is spent diving in the marine park – either at the north end of Komodo Island or at the south of Rinca Island where the park authorities have installed buoys allowing larger yachts to moor. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness an utterly unique ecosystem. Over lunch the vessel heads for Gili Lawa Darat where there is great snorkelling and swimming. Overnight she sails for the Sangean volcano.

Day 6

Arriving at dawn, smoking Sangean towers 2000ft over the surrounding sea. After breakfast the tender takes guests ashore to walk on the black volcanic sandy beaches and explore this active volcano. The area is known for its rich fish population with tuna and sailfish being particularly challenging quarry. A relaxing afternoon with opportunities to wakeboard and hike up the volcano. In the evening a beach barbecue and bonfire against an indigo star-studded sky.

Day 7

Opposite the volcano, on the Sumbawa mainland is the village of Wera, a Buginese village known for boatbuilding. Here one can see all kinds of craft in various stages of construction, including other commercial and passenger examples of phinisis being built. Afternoon spent swimming and a last overnight anchorage in a peaceful bay.

Day 8

Early morning sail to Bima over breakfast and disembark for flight to Bali

Please note that all itineraries are entirely bespoke to fit both time available and guests’ interests.

To enquire about this destination or to discuss creating your bespoke dream holiday, please get in touch.

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