Paradise Islands

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No car can ever take you to the places that a boat will reach. Every tiny island has its unique culture - but visiting a range of them - some too small for even an airstrip - can be tricky by anything other than a yacht. Palm-fringed beaches abound. Giant landcrabs scuttle across the sand in Dominica; Granada's air perfumed by the heady scent of nutmeg. The edgy pulse of carnival in Port of Spain contrasts with sophisticated Barbados and super-chic Mustique.  Or nearer to home, hop around the 164 islands of the Greek Cyclades - 26 of them uninhabited and all of them yours for the day. A raft of contrasts - tolerant Mykonos, volcanic-shattered Santorini, mythological Delos. On a yacht, a dozen Greek islands in a week is well within the bounds of practicality....leaving plenty for next time..

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